Frequently Asked Questions

What age range are our classes catered towards?

3rd to 8th grade is typically the best age for our workshops. The lessons hinge on computer and reading skills, but younger kids who are comfortable on computers are also welcome!

Can I make location suggestions?

Please do! If there's a location you know of that would be a good fit for computer-savvy kids you know, you can send us a message directly from the bottom of this page!

What computer programs do we teach with?

We use two programs primarily. Minecraft, of course, and a custom third party software that allows students to generate terrain, elevation, biomes, and more by digital painting! Similarly to the way Microsoft Paint works.

Do I need my own copy of Minecraft?

No! We have dedicated copies for each computer in the classes, but if you want to use your own login, you most certainly may!

What edition of Minecraft do we use?

We use Minecraft's legacy Java edition. (The original edition). The maps we make in our workshops are exported as .world files, and are not currently compatible with Xbox, Pocket Edition, Nintendo Switch, or Minecraft Education Edition without specialized file conversion software.

Using Java edition also allows for mods and limited multi-version compatibility once the world is taken home!

Can I take my map home to continue building and playing on?

Yes! At the end of each workshop, an online directory of the class's maps will be posted for their creators to download from! The files can then be simply dropped into Minecraft's saves folder, and played!

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