Trilogy CraftClub

Explore imagination

creative education through gaming

Think creatively!

Engaging curriculum and creative projects help your child develop their own unique world map!

Build a world!

The lands of your child's imagination come to life within Minecraft, using hands-on world generation software!

Take it home!

At the end of each workshop, your child gets to take home their own unique, fully developed, explorable Minecraft world!

What is Trilogy?

Being imaginitive comes naturally to kids, but sometimes they lack the tools to let loose and express themselves creatively. Trilogy CraftClub brings imaginitive expression to children through a medium most are as rabidly excited about, as parents are suspicious of - Minecraft!

Kids who participate in our Minecraft workshops learn how to develop an artistic vision, apply a creative story to it, build their project while learning useful computer skills, and take home an immersive, one of a kind project that they can be very proud of!

Our instructors come from a background of childrens' art educators and technology enthusiasts, and we strive to inspire young gamers to do more than just battle zombies!
(Zombies are still pretty fun, though.)